Friday, January 23, 2015


OKER 088 DRIVER DOWNLOAD OKER 088 DRIVER DOWNLOAD If you like the idea of quick voice mails to get your point across, you should definitely check out this free app. If you've ever used SoundOker 088 Driver (or its arch rival Shazam) chances are good you were holding your phone out to identify a catchy song whose name you didn't know. Now the company is introducing Oker 088 Driver, SoundOker 088 Driver's little sibling, but one with a slightly different identity. Instead of helping name that tune, Oker 088 Driver for Android and iPhone prompts you to search for a song or artist with just the spoken word. Unlike SoundOker 088 Driver, the abbreviated Oker 088 Driver won't accept singing, humming, typing, or recorded sounds. The results pull from SoundOker 088 Driver's music database, displaying album or artist art, a YouTube snippet, tour dates, an info page, a shortcut to the digital music store, and lyrics when they're available. Like its big sib, Oker 088 Driver is a polished, slick-looking piece of software that offers a variety of useful information about songs and singers. We demoed it on both platforms, and for the most part, the app was fast, especially when fulfilling more-specific requests for an artist or song. The iPhone version delivers the extra benefit of hooking into the iPod music player, to plays those songs you may already own. Since the app focuses on rapid, voice-driven music search, its uses are also more narrow. As a standalone app, it's functional and attractive but not as broadly applicable

as the free SoundOker 088 Driver and premium SoundOker 088 Driver Infinity apps, both which go beyond this lighter app's functionality. While Oker 088 Driver has its immediate uses, the app also lays the groundwork for SoundOker 088 Driver to step into other categories of voice search, which will bring it into more direct competition with companies like Google, Nuance, and possibly Vlingo. That's a smart move for SoundOker 088 Driver to expand from the algorithm-honed Sound2Sound database that powers these apps in the first place, to other implementations for its so far superior aural processing.

Oker 088 Driver is a good start, but we're already looking forward to what comes next.Oker 088 Driver is a fun ball-rolling game with a steampunky feel, excellent 3D graphics, and both swipe and tilt control schemes (the former much easier to use than the latter). The game has 27 levels spread across three worlds, and in each level you're trying to safely roll your ball from the top of the level to the bottom without falling off, while picking up as many points as possible along the way. You roll down ramps, over rotating gears, through gates and past blowers, trampolines, and an increasingly diverse array of obstacles--and you also have to choose between alternating routes and solve spatial puzzles to advance. From start to finish, Oker 088 Driver looks great (especially on the latest hardware), with immersive graphics that make great use of height and motion. Swipe control is the default setting, and by far the most reliable and accurate way to move your ball, with your direction and momentum controlled by swiping anywher OKER 088 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

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